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Our Eureka Dental Practice

When you arrive at our new Eureka dental office, you can feel the difference immediately. Our cozy, calm and relaxed atmosphere might make you feel more like you’re visiting a family member or old friend rather than a dentist. In fact, our team and patients are like a family, and you can expect the kind of care and attention our dentist or any member of our staff would anticipate.

Putting Your Needs First

Established in 2001, the dental practice of Dr. Sonia Bautista remains amalgam free to restore cavities without the visibility of metal fillings. Additionally, while the ADA considers the amount of mercury in amalgam fillings to be safe, our dedicated dentist prefers not to risk any health complications, especially for those who may be sensitive to metal.

Our Eureka dentist is highly-skilled and has thirty years of experience. She provides comprehensive dental care right here in our office, reducing the need for our patients to be referred to another location for specialized services. Her attention to detail and the warmth and friendliness of our staff are fundamental to the relationships we have built with each patient we care for.

Dr.  Bautista

Making You Comfortable

Beyond the serenity of our office, our team works hard to ensure your comfort. The quality of your care is vital, and enjoying a positive experience throughout your visit with us is equally important. While we will never leave you waiting long, you are free to help yourself to our complimentary tea and snacks.

Our attentive staff is happy to help you with your initial paperwork which can be completed at home or our office if you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.  They are also knowledgeable about insurance coverages and can answer any of your questions.

Once in a treatment room, cuddle up with a pillow and blanket if you like while our dentist introduces himself. After your x-rays are completed, Dr. Bautista performs a thorough exam and illustrates her findings on one of our digital monitors. She listens carefully to your concerns, reviews your oral health with you as well as any treatments that might improve the condition of your smile.

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If you would like a cleaning the same day as your initial visit, this can be arranged. Just let our front office staff know when you would like to schedule your appointment.