Testimonials About Our Eureka Dental Team

Dr. Bautista is the second dentist I have used in Humboldt. Compared to here and my previous dentists the last 15 years she is my favorite. I have needed a lot of work done and she has done it little by little, referred me out as needed and I have been very pleased. I feel like she takes extra time to make sure it is done well and is friendly. Her entire staff is friendly and responsive as well. They have began texting me lately which is very helpful.

I see someone complained about waiting a long time. That happens. If somebody comes in with something urgent they will prioritize them as every dentist or medical professional. If one day I need something urgent I’m sure I will appreciate that and feel bad for whoever had to wait also. It just happens. It has happened to me too. It’s not a big deal and I am just as busy and take off work to see them like most everyone else.

Today there was a hygienist I saw which was the first time I saw her in the last couple years I have been going to this dentist. I was blown away with how awesome she was. She not only did her job working on me, but the entire time was explaining to me best practices for different items and some of them were new to me that I think will be really helpful. She was also extremely pleasant like everyone else. Every time I go there everybody greets me by my name and makes me feel welcomed.

Henry Hammacher

Dr. Sonia Bautista is amazing and so is her team. I have been treated with absolute dignity and respect, given loads of information on my dental health, options, and creative problem-solving. I have also truly enjoyed the sense of humor all of the staff and Dr. Bautista share. The best dental experience I have *ever* had. Highly recommend this doctor and her team of amazing, competent, and careful dental assistants.

L. L. (Verified Patient) Jul 13, 2017

I came in with terrific pain that I'd had for 3 days over the weekend and into Monday. I called around and couldn't get in on an emergency basis anywhere.

When I called Dr Bautista's office she agreed to see me immediately. They took x-rays and she found the problem, an abscess at the tip of the root of a root canal I'd had done 15 years ago. She told me this kind of problem has to be done by a specialist, a general dentist simply is not equipped for this specialized work.

She prescribed antibiotics to start killing the infection and help with the pain, and then sent a referral to an awesome doctor that agreed to see me the very next day. Her staff did everything. They made the calls, they did the paperwork, they did the faxing for me, they gave all my insurance info so that was done when I arrived.

Dr Bautista could have charged me more, done more, and got me spending a lot of cash because I was in pain and desperate. She didn't. She was quick, efficient, sympathetic and expertly found the problem and got me to someone who could fix it. They saw me when the first 7 dentists I called would not, even though I was in agony. They did everything they could for me. What more could you ask? This doctor and her office (Mark!) are top notch.

David G.

Very professional. Current, relevant equipment and techniques.Since I now receive services at this office, I feel a piece of mind that my teeth are being well taken care of.

M. D. (Verified Patient) Mar 09, 2017

Got me in on the day of, due to a toothache. They got rid of the pain and gave me a follow-up appt. I thought it was worse then they said, and it wasn't. They are HONEST and friendly

C. A. (Verified Patient) Feb 28, 2017

Everything was awesome! I felt very welcome and cared for. They asked me if I was nervous (in which I was) and made me feel like I was understood due to my situation if not seeing the dentist for over 10 years. Great communication. Very generous and helpful on financial and guidance on everything you have questions about. I love this place and will continue to keep coming. Thank you !!

P. L. (Verified Patient) Jul 14, 2017

I really like going to Dr. Batista. She & her staff are very competent. & friendly. I highly recommend her as a dentist.

L. S. (Verified Patient) Jun 21, 2017

All the staff including the doctors were super nice! I will be going back to get more work done on my teeth. They made me feel very comfortable without even knowing I was super nervous because I hate going to the doctors. They educated me and explained everything they were doing in detail that I would understand. Thankful for them! ☺️ And by the way I am a new patient. And was able to get in within 1 week.

Maria Moua