Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Eureka, CA

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure that relieves pain caused by injury or decay that has spread to the inner part of a tooth. When nerves inside the pulp become infected, the tooth becomes compromised. The only way to treat these conditions is with root canal therapy or extraction.

Dr. Sonia R. Bautista offers root canal therapy to save teeth from internal infections and the effects of dental trauma.

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

Whether your dental pain is due to a deep cavity or trauma, root canal therapy may likely be required. This endodontic treatment eliminates the infection, alleviating pain and preserving the natural tooth by restoring function.

Saving your tooth is a much better option than having it extracted, as missing teeth affect your bite, the spacing of your remaining teeth, and jawbone health.

The Root Canal Procedure

If diagnosed with damage to the pulp of your tooth, Dr. Bautista will discuss the root canal therapy procedure with you thoroughly. Standard treatment usually takes two visits to complete, though in some cases, such as dental emergencies, we can finish in one day.

The procedure begins with anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the treatment. Using our advanced hand tools, Dr. Bautista creates a small opening in the top of the tooth to clean away the damaged pulp. The treated inner chamber is filled to strengthen your tooth. A temporary filling or crown is placed to protect the tooth until a permanent crown is crafted.

Root canal therapy is designed to restore the function of your tooth, preventing you from losing it and having a gap in your smile. Once Dr. Bautista completes the procedure, she provides you with after-care instructions to properly care for your teeth.

Conservative Care and Root Canal Treatment in Eureka, CA.

Dr. Bautista is committed to dental care that meets the specific needs of her patients and will always attempt more conservative treatment whenever possible.

If you live or work in Eureka and have questions about root canal therapy, call us today to set up an appointment!